Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gallery - Wreck Age and Broken Contract

This post is for all the folks wondering about the scale and detail of Wreck Age miniatures from Hyacinth Games and Broken Contract from Breaker Press.

If you like these miniatures, here are some useful tidbits:

  • You can buy Wreck Age miniatures directly from Hyacinth's online store but there are a few retailers who have some (e.g., Noble Knight), including Adpeticon exclusive figures and stuff Hyacinth no longer appears to produce.
  • Hyacinth Games is preparing the second edition of Wreck Age and you can download the beta quick start on their forum. They are looking for feedback through February 11, 2017.
  • On March 17, 2017, Hyacinth will launch a Kickstarter to fund post-apocalyptic themed vehicles, including two cars, one pick-up truck, two motorbikes, and an ATV.

I'll be using a stalwart volunteer serving with the Macragge Defense Auxilla (a.k.a., the ubiquitous plastic Imperial Guardsman) for scale comparisons throughout.

Beginning with the Wreck Age figures -

Here are two mean-looking pieces of work from the Raiders starter boxed set. The Raiders are a subfaction of Drifters. The other (existing) Drifters miniatures are called Nomads.

Two more Raiders, also from the boxed set. I guess you would call these guys "true 32s." I know that Hyacinth Games wanted a line closer to the slim Infinity-style rather than GW's bulky "Heroic" proportions.

And here are the balance of the Raiders. The one on the left is the final of five boxed set miniatures while the figures in the center and on the right are from an expansion booster. The expansion figures are not strictly Raiders and are thematically and aesthetically suitable to join up with the Nomads sub-faction, as well.

Here are the Reclaimers, specifically two from the Reclaimers starter boxed set ... yes comparison to the Adeptus Mechanicus is inevitable! These guys are religious fanatics devoted to the rediscovery and preservation of technology. The Wreck Age core book goes into some fascinating detail about the various strains of Reclaimer philosophy. It will be very tough to resist painting them with dark red robes ... maybe irresistible ...

These two heavily-armed Reclaimers come in an expansion blister. The Reclaimers have access to great tech but their mastery over it is ... developing. Watch out for the Malfunction Die ...

These three make up the balance of the five-figure boxed set: (from L to R) pincher claw, solar panel, and metal detector. While most post-apoc games have some sort of tech-focused faction, I think the Reclaimers from Hyacinth are the best at nailing the look and feel.

Moving on to Broken Contract:

The only two factions are the disgruntled miners in the shackes of indentured servitude called Breakers and the Black Squadron, corporate security goons paid to keep the workers in line. Each boxed set comes with a deck of small-sized cards with equipment and skills.

I am only showing a few of the miniatures as I haven't had time to even assemble them yet - they just arrived on Monday! But you can get a good idea of the scale and level of detail and character from this small sampling.

Yes, this guy does come with arms ... it's Will Kollis, leader of the Breaker crew, one of the taller characters in the line ... not counting of course ...

... Trest the Breakers' Gene-Mod character! The Black Squadron also have a Gene-Mod character, who is just as massive.

Talla Kellerman here is one of the shortest figures in the Broken Contracts line. Before I stood her on that base, I wondered if she was supposed to be a child. I like that Breaker Press has made characters in different shapes and sizes - yes, even including the Gene-Mod body type. No shame!

On the left we have Naria Anlika of the Black Squadron and her colleague Sarie Moerta is on the right. So just comparing Naria, Sarie, and Talla, you can see there is a good amount of body type variety.

And finally, a comparison shot ... I think these look pretty good together. Meaning: they will all be used in This Is Not A Test!

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