Monday, January 30, 2017

Figures For Rogue Stars

Just a gallery of miniatures I have painted up for use with Rogue Stars, especially my Merchant crew. You can read about their first adventure in this Rogue Stars AAR.

La Capitana and her old pal Rogue

She is from the Urban War militia line - so are most of her crew. Rogue is from Reaper. These guys are the "core members" of the crew and have the best equipment and stats.

Chief and Doc

Both are Urban War sculpts. These are my specialists with Tech 3 and Medic 3 respectively. Chief was the unlikely hero of the first adventure - at least until Rogue went down. Both Chief and Doc took some rough hits in that caper but fortunately came out none the worse.

Grenj Aminbrim and Klaus K

Grenj is also from Reaper. He is just hired muscle but he does tote the crew's most impressive weapon so far ... a lowly SMG. What do you expect from Merchants? Klaus K, another Urban War sculpt and probably my favorite of the bunch, is a psyker.

Chief and her Buddy Bots

I'd love to give Chief a couple of drones and have been dreaming up some houserules for them to act as equipment/pseudo-characters. I am not sure about the name of the product line for these guys. There were part of a Kickstarter that I did not back but I ended up getting all the miniatures via ebay for a song.

attack of the ravagers!

The Ravagers are Reaper's not-Terminators. I would like to use them as an Antagonist Squad or maybe something like hostile terrain (a la Zombie games). Speaking of which ...


Rogue Stars locations need some fauna. These are Angel Minnows from Maelstrom's Edge. I love these little guys - they are so creepy and bizarre. They are probably going to have psychic powers.


  1. Really nice collection you have there. I love those Void Militia, they're such useful figures.

    1. Thanks Dr. M! Yes, the Militia are really great. I love that style of proportion and they fit nicely with the Reaper stuff, too. I have some Urban War Syntha cyborgs in my painting queue at the moment ... along with so much other stuff, of course!

  2. Love to see some Void/Urban War minis being painted up for Rogue Stars, I'm doing exactly the same thing!
    Do you mind if I post a link to this on our Void Facebook page?

    1. Derek, by all means please go ahead! I will have to hunt down and join that group!

    2. It's the Void 1.1 Nexus, and can be found here:

  3. Have you played anymore Rogue Stars?