Thursday, December 22, 2016

Rogue Stars - Rebs Squad

Although I did pre-order ("nickstart") all the North Star figures for Rogue Stars via Brigade Games, I have been pretty excited about using Mantic's Rebs faction from Deadzone. These guys are absolutely perfect for Rogue Stars. So here is my first attempt at a Squad, trying to stick both to WYSIWYG and Mantic's existing fluff, where available.

I picked the Bounty Hunter theme and I think Opportunists (+1 to Reaction rolls) fits a group with no bonuses to winning Initiative. I struggled with whether Yrtl should have two Monowire Blades and whether they should be taken "Built In" but ultimately went with a less literal approach. The other question I struggled with was skipping armor for Matilda. I went with the far cheaper Stealth option, which matches her sniper flavor.

I am already concocting backstories for these hoodlums, just by virtue of Squad creation. This is exactly what I love about low-model count rule sets. You can really dive into the personalities of your minis - again, I think an appropriate term for this would be "RPG Creep."

Please note that I have included pictures - all from Mantic's promotional materials - only in order to give the reader something to judge my efforts against. I certainly don't hold out these photos as mine (they aren't) or mean to suggest that I painted these figures (I didn't). I probably will paint my guys up pretty similarly to Mantic's pictures, however - so just imagine these guys with a much worse paint job.

Yrtl (63XP)

Light Combat Dress
Monowire Blade
Fast Draw
Flamer Pistol
Psionic (Teleportation)
Tough 1
Weapon Master 1

Tchak Jack (33XP)

Assault Rifle
Difficult Target 2
Free Disengage
Light Combat Dress

Chomp (32XP)

Danger Sense
Kevlar Jacket
Machine Gun
Marksman 1
Tough 1

Matilda (42XP)

Fire Into Melee
Laser Rifle/Accurate Weapon
Marksman 3
Stealth 2

Doctor Pral (30XP)

Martial Arts 2
Medic 1
Psionic (Encourage, Guidance)
Tech 1

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