Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gorgon Studios Draugr

Gorgon Studios offers a smallish range of Dark Age Scandinavians, including some Draugr. Having ordered them a while back, with no particular plans for them if I'm honest, I just now got around to painting them up. They are perfect as roaming enemies for Frostgrave.

oh man look at those draugr go

These sculpts are a great balance between undead lethargy and simmering menace. They struck me as perfect for frozen wights roving the ice-ridden ruins of Felstad so I painted their corpseflesh blue-grey and washed with TAP blue tone before highlighting. The eyes are Vallejo Model Green Sky, which I think of as "Romulan Green."

pretty sure these two are related

The bases are in my usual style for Frostgrave and the dirty snow look nicely compliments these grubby Viking zombies. Gorgon Studios advertises them as 28mm but they are noticably taller than North Star's Frostgrave soldiers. I'm fine with that - these draugr obviously descended from a heartier race of men than the scoundrels picking over Felstad these days.

there was a sale at Ax-Mart

The draugr set actually comes with eight figures, all different sculpts. After painting them up, I noticed that Gorgon had shorted me one out of this set. I'll mention it to them the next time I order and see if they can send me the missing guy. Unfortunately, it was one of the coolest sculpts in the set. I know because I ordered two sets and the other one was complete. The bellowing chieftain is sold separately.

Gorgon also makes a cool necromancer to waken the cranky frozen warriors. I will post a picture of him  as soon as I'm finished painting him, along with some scale comparisons to North Star soldiers and gnolls. If Gorgon expanded the line to include a few more sculpts (most notably, some draugr bowmen) this could be the basis for a very thematic Frostgrave warband.


  1. I was thinking of picking up some gangsters from them. It sounds like they are "up to snuff" in the miniature department then. Thanks for the review.

  2. I also purchased some WW2 Poles from them a while back and those look nice as well. For other gangsters, I have (and really like) some of the Chicago Way figures from Great Escape Games. You can see a couple of them on my post about the Fuel Depot.

  3. Any chance of a Chicago Way overview?

  4. It's not in my current queue but I will keep the request in mind.